Ask questions using Who (누구), What (뭐), What Time (몇 시)

Who 누구 [nu-gu]
What 뭐 [mwo]
What time 몇 시 [meot si]

Example sentences below use polite speech form.

Who (누구)


Who are you? OR Who is this?


a. 누구세요?
b. 저 Nancy 예요.

a. Who is this?
b. It’s me Nancy.

누구 만나요?
Who are you meeting?


a. 누구 만나요?
b. 친구요.

a. Who are you meeting?
b. Friend.

누구누구 와요?
Who’s coming?


a. 친구들 초대했어요.
b. 누구누구 와요?

a. I invited my friends.
b. Who’s coming?

Tip: 누구누구 is used to ask about identify of a group of people you don’t know.


What (뭐)


What is it?


a. 이거 뭐예요?
b. 로션이에요.

a. What is this?
b. It’s lotion (moisturizer).

뭐라고 말했어요?
What did you say?


a. 뭐라고 말했어요?
b. 아무것도 아니에요.

a. What did you say?
b. It’s nothing.

Tip: 뭐 and 뭐라고 both mean what.


What time (몇 시)


몇 시예요?
What time is it?


a. What time is it?
b. It’s 10pm.

a. 몇 시예요?
b. 10시예요.

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