Welcome! 반가워요!

TEK (Talk English or Korean) is a perfect group for anyone who wants to seriously  improve their English or Korean with native speakers in person. Our members quoted us to be, “the best for language exchange”.

Hi. I’m Euna, leader of TEK.

TEK is here to help you express yourself confidently in a foreign language so you can easily share your thoughts and feelings with others.

With our TEK members, you will feel sense of connection and belongingness. You can get truly excited about improving yourself and your target language with TEK (more about our culture).

Whoever joins us becomes our family so we deeply care about who we bring on (read about why members decided to stay with us).

You will love us if…

  • You are dedicated about improving your Korean or English.
  • You are clear about why you want to join and what your learning goals are.
  • You are interested in other cultures, people and their stories.
  • You are a good listener and want to provide feedback to help your exchange partner improve.
  • You care about others’ feelings and growth.
  • You like to try new things (using learning decks and games, exploring new cafes and places in Toronto, participating in activities outside of the club)

What we will not accept

  • Do not join us if your goal is to flirt or meet potential girlfriends or boyfriends. Learning is the primary goal of our TEK family.
  • We do not allow promotion of services or products.
  • We get upset when someone is late (and making your exchange partner wait) or cancelling in less than 2 days before the exchange, or not showing up at all without a justified reason. Even a single strike can work against you when you want to join us or renew your membership.

More about Euna

Many moons ago, I came to Canada with my family with very limited knowledge of English.

I had to start from scratch.

I studied alphabets in high school and asked my friends to explain homework assignments. I desperately dreamed about the day I would converse with Canadians for more than just a few seconds.

To make my dream come true and to go beyond it, I’ve spent the last 15 years researching and testing out language learning methods (with focus on improving speaking skills). And that’s how the idea of TEK blossomed.

There is another area of my life I’ve spent more than a decade improving. I’ve progressively developed my career in teaching / training / learning & development in varied industries including non-profit, IT, Big Five and start-up.

Ya. I am crazy about learning and sharing what I know.

My latest craving is collaborating closely with the TEK family to help them improve their Korean or English via our exchanges.

I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you.

With love,


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