Why members chose TEK

Get many other benefits.

Language learning is not just about practicing and improving your target language with native speaker. It’s also about many other things:

  • Connect and make friends with people who appreciate and love your language
  • Get amazing tips on getting around, travelling and studying
  • Expose yourself to culture (e.g. food, drama, music, mannerism, tradition)
  • Explore the city and try out new drinks and food together

Unlike studying in a class, or working with a tutor, or studying on your own, TEK sessions provide the most natural, fun and personalized way for you to practice a language while experiencing all the other things that make your language learning journey a whole lot richer.

Have fun learning.

Practicing a language with like-minded individuals in a casual setting really helps our members to have fun.

It’s very common to hear laughter and clapping during our sessions. Nobody will judge you if you make mistakes because everyone is there to learn and help others. You’ll find our members laughing at their mistakes and high-fiving to congratulate their learning partners’ successful try at pronouncing a new word. Our members get along well and like to socialize outside of the TEK sessions.

Get serious practice. 

Meeting in person motivates you to dedicate time to practice the language you’re learning. And it is the best way to learn. You’ll be paired up with 1 or 2 native speaker(s) of the language you’re learning, so you get focused attention and practice.

Receive instantaneous feedback

You can get instantaneous answers to your questions and even get feedback on your pronunciation, grammar, choice of words, etc. Since your learning partner is physically sitting close to you, it’s convenient for you or your partner to quickly grab a pen and paper to explain or practice something together.

Have real-life conversations

Nothing can beat face-to-face experience when it comes to communicating with people. You’ll learn to have real-life conversations (and not textbook, out-of-date conversations).

And communication is not just about words. It’s also about getting communication cues from your learning partner’s facial expressions, body movements, hand gestures, intonation and more. Physical presence makes it easier to pick up on these cues. These nonverbal cues may differ in other countries. So observing and learning about these nonverbal cues will help you understand the foreign culture better.

Learn from multiple people.

We believe in the power of coming together as a group. During the group session, you’ll get to hear from others about what they’ve learned. Our members love this because they learn each persons’ key takeaways and have opportunities to ask questions for any further clarification.

Prevent awkward silence.

We have learning activities for speakers of all proficiency levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Browse through our learning contents and prepare a few for your next TEK session. TEK helps you to design your own learning path based on your specific needs so you can get see improvement more rapidly.

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