About TEK

What do we do?

TEK (Talk English or Korean) is language learning events, providing Torontonians opportunities to connect and converse with native speakers. We’re casual, learning-focused and we offer conversation contents and games for members and guests.

We host small-group language exchanges every week at local places throughout Toronto. Members and guests come to our exchanges to learn, practice and get feedback from their dedicated language exchange partners.

Why do we do this?

To help you express yourself confidently and share your thoughts and feelings easily with native speakers.

To connect you with diverse people and culture. You’ll meet like-minded people, make new friends and feel strong sense of connection and belongingness.

To make learning engaging, fun and easy for you.

What results will you see?

  • Improve speaking skills of your target language naturally
  • Correct your mistakes (e.g. Pronunciation, grammar, word usage, etc.)
  • Interact and make friends with native speakers
  • Experience Korean/Canadian culture
  • Become more confident

Why did TEK members chose us?

  • Get huge side benefits
  • Have fun learning
  • Get serious practice
  • Receive instantaneous feedback
  • Have real-life conversations
  • Learn from multiple people
  • Prevent awkward silence
  • More details

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