Volunteer TEK leaders to lead TEK (Native English speakers)

Is this you?

  • You’ve participated in our TEK exchanges before.
  • You are dedicated to learn Korean.
  • You’re excited about helping people learn English.
  • You know about Korean culture and love it.
  • You like to meet new people and starting conversations with them.
  • You care about making people feel they belong and they matter.
  • You can host (or co-host) TEK exchanges at least twice a month for 3 months. You are able to arrive a bit early to prepare for the exchange you’re hosting.
  • You’re willing to set up TEK exchanges and manage attendance on the meetup.com site (Only a few minutes at a time are required to complete these activities.)

If the above description describes you, please fill out the form to submit your interest in becoming a TEK leader. Currently all spots have been filled, but please go ahead and submit the form to be considered for future Leader opportunities.

Benefits you’ll get

  • You’ll have continuous opportunities to meet, talk to and make friends with native Koreans who are dedicated to learn Canadian culture and language.
  • You’ll be collaborating with other like-minded, friendly TEK leaders.
  • You’ll be learning and practicing Korean during each exchange you host.
  • You’ll see yourself developing confidence and building leadership, communication and people skills.
  • You have the power to host fun activities (e.g. bowling, karaoke, eating out, laser tag, etc.) via our meetup site to socialize, meet more new people and have fun outside of the exchanges.
  • You’re empowered to suggest and lead new ideas or projects that are aligned with TEK culture. We support initiators and those that care about developing themselves and others for greater good. (Some of the projects/ideas our TEK leaders have implemented: Online learning games, English/Korean lesson contents, different styles of the exchange experience, scouting for places for our group to explore, etc.)
  • You’ll feel great that you’re taking part in the TEK mission to help Torontonians connect over language learning experiences.
  • You’ll receive special TEK Leader pricing for membership.

TEK leader application form (native English speakers)

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