Practice all Korean consonant & vowel pairs

Below charts include all Korean consonant and vowel combinations you’ll ever see. Not all syllables in the charts are used frequently. Some are very rarely (if at all) used. Use this chart to focus on practicing pronunciation and reviewing how consonants and vowels are combined. Single Vowel & Single Consonant Single Vowel & Double Consonant…

“Be” verb (e.g. am / is) 이에요. 예요.

Polite speech form: -요 is often attached at the end of a sentence. Review following examples sentences with 이에요 or 예요 verb endings. 물 이에요. Mul i-e-yo. (It) is water. 물 water 이에요. is Tip Subject is often omitted in Korean (e.g. It, I, He, She) Korean verb (e.g. is) always comes at the end….