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  • Attend up to 5 TEK sessions until September 30, 2018
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  • Attend up to 10 TEK sessions until September 30, 2018
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1. How does the membership work?

Once you purchase the membership, go to the TEK meetup site to sign up for any of the upcoming sessions. You’ll be notified when you have 1 session left.

2. Why is there a fee?

We pay 3rd party companies monthly fees to maintain and manage TEK (including hosting fees, platform fee and other services).

TEK is a small-group, learning-focused group (4-8 people per session) and we like to keep it that way. So each person’s contribution will go directly towards keeping our group size small and highly valuable for you.

Also, we work behind the scenes to plan, organize, coordinate and consistently attract right balance of highly dedicated Korean or English learners to give you continuous opportunities to meet with native speakers.

3. Why should I consider getting a membership when I’m uncertain about how often I can attend?

Language learning takes time and consistent practice over time is key to making great, gradual improvement. If you tend to repeat the cycle of “learn – stop – learn -stop”, real progress will not occur.

Block out at least once a week to join our TEK session so you can learn and practice your target language regularly. Once you make it a habit to attend TEK sessions every week, you’ll see results more quickly.

We also recommend that you continue to work on improving your target language outside of TEK. For example, you can come to the TEK session once a week to learn, practice and test your skills. And on the other days you aren’t attending the session, review what you’ve learned. Or, learn new things (e.g. pronunciation, words, phrases, grammar rules, etc.) via other mediums (e.g. YouTube, dramas, books, podcast). So when it’s time for you to come to the TEK session, you can ask questions and practice in real life.